Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday, You're Back!

Oh, man. I feel like I've been in some alternate universe for the past couple of weeks. But, it's Friday and I survived all of it so that's good, right?  I'm nearly recovered from our big trip out west, but I don't have one single thing unpacked yet. Totally unacceptable. I'll get right on that this weekend... hopefully. 

Here's my top 5 from the last couple of weeks. 

1. Portland. Amazing city. I loved it! It felt unlike any city I've visited before. It was almost as if no one was going anywhere, ever. And quiet. It was a bit strange at first, but I loved it. And the food.... oh, the food. I may have gained 10lbs, but that's what vacations are for. 

2. Nephew time. Okay, this really should have been #1. Spending time with this little cutie was possibly my favorite part of the whole trip. Not possibly. It was. He is adorable and so, so, SO good. Just a laid back, sweet boy. And so funny! I couldn't believe how funny a 2 year old can be! I miss him terribly now... can't wait to see him in December.

He's got some mad selfie taking skills

3. Colorado. We made it to CO just in time for all that flooding for my college roommate's wedding. After being stuck in Denver Thursday night we finally made it up to Golden Friday morning and despite being gray & rainy at first the weather actually ended up being beautiful most of the weekend. Minus a horribly rainy drive back down to Denver to fly out on Sunday. That part was pretty miserable. 

4. College Reunion. Oh how I love weddings - we all get back together again and pick up right where we left off. Am I the only one who misses college so bad it hurts sometimes? I loved my college experience, so it's so nice when we all get to be together again. Next reunion will be at MY wedding! Eek!!

5. Speaking of weddings... we need to get planning. We are still hoping for April. Only we don't have one thing planned yet. We're going to check out a couple of reception sites this weekend so hopefully we like one, pick one, set a date and get this whole thing going! And a dress... I should probably do that soon.

I'm going to throw in bonus #6 because this is technically covering 2 weeks.
6.  Body Attack. So, if you've ever checked out my about me page you know I love food & naps. Exercising is never mentioned... mainly because I hate it and never do it. Well last night I somehow decided to go along with some girlfriends to a gym where they've been taking Les Mills classes. Last night's class was body attack. Let's just say it was appropriately named. Somehow, while hating it with every fiber of my being, I also had a lot of fun. And then I joined said gym. I fear the world may end soon, so be safe out there!

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