Sunday, September 22, 2013

Remember the Thigh Master?!?

I ventured to the gym a second time this weekend. We went on Sunday afternoon - there was a body pump class & a yoga class. Due to the amount of pain every muscle of my body was still in as a result of the oh so appropriately named Body Attack class last week, we chose yoga. Well, actually, my friend chose yoga and I let out an enormous sigh of relief upon hearing her decision.

I've never done yoga before. I did 'teach' it once, though. When I was a camp counselor I somehow ended up subbing for someone's yoga class. I'm pretty sure I put in a VHS of Suzanne Somers pre-thigh master days and then 'supervised' the kids. They probably learned a lot in that class. 

Despite my lack of experience, I survived yoga this weekend and especially enjoyed the last few minutes we spent laying on the mat with our eyes closed working on our breathing. Or, if you're me, trying not to fall asleep. That was for sure my favorite part. I also kept thinking of Suzanne Somers and the thigh master. All because of that one time I 'taught' yoga. See? Camp really does give you memories that last a lifetime.


 I also love that the source for that picture is AARP. 

Best news of all? We have a date, venue & dress for the wedding. Now that we have a date and a place it's starting to feel a bit more real! I also cannot believe I found a dress in the first store. While I love clothes & shopping, I'm also a terrible shopper. I'm incredibly picky and tend to get very frustrated when clothes aren't just the way I want them. Somehow, about 2.5 seconds before a total meltdown I wanted to leave the store, we decided to try on this one last dress. And you know how they say you feel like a bride once you put that dress on? Well I did. And it was perfect. And 100 sizes too big for me. I go back in 2 weeks to try it again with some friends and then, if I still like it, get measured and get it ordered! 

And now, since our date is a grand total of SIX MONTHS AWAY (wth was I thinking?!?) I need to stop blogging and get planning. 


  1. Congrats on picking the date and location! It always feels a little more real after that! I know it did for me!

  2. So exciting that you're making lots of wedding planning progress! I am getting married on march 8 and even though I've been engaged for a few months, I feel like things picked up speed in the last few weeks! Music and photographer and bridesmaid dresses and makeup! Lots to do! :)