Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Pinterest, you make it look so easy.

So, remember this post when I talked about incorporating our dogs into our save the dates? (ps - I keep wanted to abbreviate that phrase, but it's totally inappropriate. and awkward). Well, now that we actually have a date and it's um, tomorrow 6 short months away, we had to jump on save the dates pretty quickly. So I consulted my good friend Pinterest, found some ideas, and thought 'no problem, this looks easy'.


First, I'm quite possibly the least crafty person ever. I wandered around Joann Fabric looking like a lost puppy. And then I spent probably twice as much money as I needed to because I had no idea what to buy. The plan was grab some wooden numbers, some glue & some twine. 

Do you know how many types of glue they sell? A lot. I mean, a whole lot. Tacky glue, Krazy glue, Super glue, Wood glue... I could go on. 

I finally bought Tacky glue and Krazy glue, 500 yards of twine that I'll never need again, and some wooden numbers. I glued the numbers on crooked and not evenly spaced and I didn't even paint them so I'm pretty sure they barely showed up in the pictures. 

My final brilliant idea? Have a friend who does some pet photography swing by literally 10 minutes after we get home from work (and right after Winnie has been in her crate for 8 hours) and attempt to get both dogs to sit for pictures.

I'm sure you can imagine how that went. Well, it probably went worse than you imagined. For the first half at least. Once Winnie figured out that this was the most boring game ever where you sit still for 5 minutes and then your toy gets thrown once, she was okay. Annabelle never cooperated but we expected that. 

Oh, and also, I wore black jeans and of course ended up with the black dog sitting by me. So I'm sure Winnie & I just look like one black blob in most of the pictures.

Soon I should have some pretty interesting pictures to show you. I'm sure there's at least half a dog missing in most of them. And some pretty stellar pissed off faces from Annabelle, the moodiest dog in the world. I'm also certain that Winnie's tongue is hanging out of her mouth in every. single. picture. 

So thanks, Pinterest, for making something that's nearly impossible look super easy... again.


  1. Seriously!! My pinterest boards taunt me. I still do bet your photos will end up cute! More candid perhaps which can always be a good thing :)!

  2. I go through stages of being like PINTEREST IS AWESOME to Pinterest sucks. I saw this awesome picture thing (on Pinterest, ironically) about people who tried to recreate Pinterest stuff and how horrible it turned out. I've found some great recipes and some good decorating and organization ideas, but some of that stuff is crazy. Thanks for sharing. Makes me feel better :)

  3. i love when people have their dogs in the wedding photography. i really want to include our dogs, but they're pretty spastic wiener dogs so it could be rather catastrophic. ;) you have such a cute blog! can't wait to see your pictures!