Friday, August 9, 2013

H54F 8/9

1. I spent my weekend at the farm and it really just doesn't get much more beautiful than this. Crazy to think this is just 20 minutes from the city. I'm thankful to get to spend 2 more weekends out there this month! This whole farm sitting thing is a pretty sweet deal!

2. Wednesday night I was on my own for dinner. As usual, I grabbed some sushi from my favorite little sushi place near our house. For whatever reason I felt compelled to eat it in my bed while watching some trashy tv. Who does that? Me, that's who. And it was glorious. 

3. We have this little storm trooper guy who has just been getting moved around the house for the last year or so. For Christmas he even ended up in the tree. This is probably one of my favorite places he's been recently. He was also head first in an empty wine bottle a little while ago. I have no idea how this started, but I kinda hope it continues for a long time. We're getting pretty creative with him these days!

4. James was kind enough to inform me this week that we had some bananas getting old and some extra carrots. He followed that up by emailing me a recipe for banana carrot muffins. Isn't he thoughtful? Anyway, I made them last night and they were actually quite delicious. The best part? The only bad thing in them is 3/4 C sugar. No oil, butter, or milk. Delicious & nutritious!

5. I couldn't not include Winnie. She was just so precious laying on her bed with all her favorite toys. She likes to gather them all up and night, it's too cute. And better than what she does during the day which is to make sure they're evenly distributed throughout the entire house!

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  1. carrot and banana muffins sound right up my alley!

  2. Mmm... carrot and banana cupcakes! I love healthy sweets and those sound amazing!