Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I Would Marry my Bed if I Could... For Real

I love my bed. Like probably to an unhealthy degree. Not because my bed is anything amazing, but because I love to sleep. Or even just to lay around in bed. Case in point: this past Saturday. I may or may not have been in bed off and on until 5pm. I'm quite sure that can't be normal or healthy for a person to do, but on that day it was glorious. And I should probably be honest and tell you that if I don't have a day like this during a weekend I get a little sad. Maybe not until 5:30pm... that's a little extreme, but 2 or 3? That's perfection.

For as long as I can remember I've always told people that my dream house will have a nap room. This room will be virtually sound proof and consist only of a bed. You open the door (which has key card access, fyi... no intruders can ruin nap time) and step down into a giant comfy bed with a white down comforter and white fluffy pillows. There will be 1 ceiling fan and 1 wall mounted tv (obviously, because all floor space is taken up by the bed!) that has a full list of all the trashy tv my little heart desires. 

Recently someone on facebook posted a link to the 25 Warning Signs that indicate you're in a completely dependent relationship with your bed. Obviously I clicked on it knowing full well that I would probably meet or exceed 100% of what was on that list. I started scrolling and all seemed fairly expected until I stumbled upon this:

It's my dream come true. But obviously my nap room would look much nicer. That's more like a room that's all mattress. And has maybe been occupied by squatters or something. 

My nap room would be more along the lines of this room. But without all that pesky floor space. Naturally, that would all be filled with bed. Plus there would be black out shades to keep out that sun for those lovely afternoon naps. And to avoid any glare while watching the Kardashians or some Real Housewives. That would just be unacceptable. 

Is anyone else out there borderline narcoleptic like me? Well, fear not. There's a word for people like us. 

Clinomania: an obsession with bed rest

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  1. Gosh I could not agree more...I work from home, and I may or may not be working from bed at this very moment. Too comfy!