Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hey, Girl...

How about a little eye candy to pull you through that mid week slump?!? Yes? Ok...

I was trying to explain the Ryan Gosling 'Hey Girl...' thing to James. Well obviously the only way to do so was to do a google image search and spend 30 minutes staring at pictures of Mr. Gosling. It was very difficult. You know how people say they're allowed that one celebrity who they would just drop everything & run away with? Well I think Ryan Gosling might be mine. If you had asked me in college it woulda been Johnny Depp, but he left his baby mama for some young thing and that took away some hotness points for me. I still love his quirkiness (hello, Benny and Joon - so adorable), but I wouldn't drop everything and take off with him anymore. 

Ryan shows up at my door? See ya James. And Winnie's coming with me. You can keep Annabelle. 

Yes, yes I should get that raise. Although, if I end up with you I won't need that raise. But still, I appreciate the thought.

Indeed it is, indeed it is. Or husband material. Am I jumping ahead? It's okay, we can start out slow. No biggie.

Or sweatpants and hoodies? Well good, then we're a perfect match. I mean, not like you didn't know that already, but I just wanted to confirm it. 


  1. eye candy is the best candy. well maybe that is twix, but it is a close second for sure ;)

  2. mmhmm!! thanks for linking up for WTF Wednesday!!