Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I Hate People Who Put Their Dogs in Clothes...

Don't You?!?

Well, OK, I do. But my dogs may have worn an outfit a time or two. Mainly Annabelle. It's possible she has a vast wardrobe complete with outfits for nearly every holiday. In my defense (is there any defending oneself in this situation?!?) I didn't buy most of them myself - they were gifts. You see, despite how incredibly terrible Annabelle is, she seems to have gathered quite the fan club and as a result has received plenty of outfits as gifts. And sometimes when I get lost in Target I just might end up browsing dog clothes. It's a possibility.

And in case you think Winnie managed to escape all the torture...

So there ya go, don't judge me too harshly. Although you gotta admit - it's pretty entertaining :)

Head on over to the Tall Tails link up to see some cute pets who probably aren't wearing clothes. (but i'm sure they totally wish they were...)


  1. i bought scoobs a raincoat :(

  2. haha I personally love dog clothes, but my boyfriend has been insistent that I not ever put clothes on our pup. It is the only thing he has eve said no to me so i have to listen.

  3. Hey, I have a Winnie too! But the only clothing she wears is her sweater of shame...

  4. HAHAHA loveee this! Lil has so many outfits but hates them all!

  5. haha, I am SO guilty of this! Come winter Morgan has true coat and for the rain I dress him in yellow rain slicker. Though for some reason I think big dogs can pull it off in weather-permitting situations ;)

  6. i am not going to lie, I like dogs in clothes! not only cute, but funny! your dogs are darling! love these fun pictures!