Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tall Tails: That Time Winnie Thought She Hated The Beach

Shortly after we got Winnie we discovered her obsession with love for water. I mean, the dog will attempt to swim in a puddle. And she doesn't just splash around, she will completely submerge herself in water. On a hike? She's great off leash... unless she HEARS water. She doesn't even have to see it, if she just hears the sound of a creek or stream she gets excited and you better believe that as soon as we get close she's gone. She will run full speed ahead and launch herself into whatever body of water she has found. Even if its a grand total of 3 inches deep. 

So, naturally, we planned a beach trip with my mom and one of her dogs. I was certain that Winnie would LOVE the beach. I was wrong. On the first day Winnie decided she HATED the water. If I would start to walk in she'd grab her toy from me and plop it down in dry sand. 

Winnie's thoughts on this whole beach idea...

My mom's dog? Loved the beach. I kept telling Winnie she could no longer call herself a retriever. When we passed a couple of labs playing fetch in the water I was so ashamed of my 'retriever' who didn't have one drop of water on her. 

What the heck is that dog doing near that water?
Gotta make sure that water doesn't get too close...

She did, however, decide that we must have taken her to the beach so she could lay on the couch. She's not allowed on furniture at home, but clearly that's what vacation is for. She was being a terrible excuse for a retriever and I was quite ashamed of her. I mean, sure, get on the furniture - its fine because you DON'T HAVE A DROP OF SALT WATER ON YOU. You non retriever, you. We drove over 3 hours to the outer banks for you to sit on a couch?!? Yes, of course we did.

Finally on the last day my mom decided maybe she just needed some encouragement. It was April (I think?) in Nag's Head. The water was cold. I wasn't about to get in there to lure my so called retriever into the water. She should be running head first in there herself. Apparently my mom is nicer than me (no big shocker there...) and braved the freezing water and Winnie tentatively followed. I mean, she can't let someone just take her ball away. I finally caved and joined in and Winnie finally manned up and was able to reclaim her title as a retriever... and reclaim my love as I'm pretty sure I had disowned her by this point.

 So there you have it. That time I was so excited to bring my dog to the beach and she hated it. But then changed her mind and loved it. And so I loved her again. And although I'm pretty sure I've more than exceeded the limit for appropriate number of dog pics in one post I'm gonna post one more. Because it's my favorite of us. And because I'm obsessed with my dog. Don't hate.

Look at us walking off into the sunset all in love and such. Wanna see more people who love their pets? Go check out the Tall Tails link up!


  1. sigh. scooby DOES hate the beach. i think we'll try again when he's older.

  2. awww! all she needed was a little encouragement :) ours hasn't been to the beach yet, I can only imagine how his crazy ass will react

  3. we had to really trick my dog into swimming for the first time, now you literally cant keep him out of the water

  4. haha so cute so glad she ended up liking it!

  5. hahaha I loved this. Lil hated the beach. She thought the water was attacking her..

  6. ha! Do you think the crashing waves are why she didn't like it at first? Funny dog. :)

  7. Awesome pictures!! So funny that she wouldn't go in at first!

  8. Haha some dogs just aren't beach goers, I know angus wouldn't be down with that, he's barely okay with rain. So glad she ended up liking it though! Such a cute picture of you guys walking away!