Sunday, August 11, 2013

This Weekend I Learned...

1. I am far too old/lame to stay up until 5am. In my defense I was in bed at 2:30am, but as per usual I was the first (and only) person in the house to go to bed. We had some people over and they were up until 5. Which meant Annabelle was in & out of bed until 5. And I was up until 5... with a few cat naps in between. And I paid for it dearly on Saturday when I slept til noon, dragged myself downstairs for water & food and promptly went back to bed until almost 5. Eesh. College me would be SO disappointed. 

2. I also learned that when you're the first person to fall asleep on the couch (which is always, always me) Annabelle will join you. This is good because then you can pretend you're not the loser on the couch by yourself, you're just sitting there cuddling the dog. This is bad because despite being a terrible dog, she's a champion snuggler and you have no chance of staying awake once she snuggles up next to you. (also, spell check says snuggler is not a word... I disagree).

3. Franks Red Hot Buffalo Sauce. Mix some of this bad boy with some nonfat plain greek yogurt and grab yourself a bag of Fritos scoops. Your life will be changed. Someone who came over Friday night made this and we've made multiple batches since. I can't stop eating it. There's some in the fridge right now and we may have gone to the store to buy more chips tonight. Plus, the dip itself isn't bad for you... and if you eat it with something healthier than Fritos I suppose it would be almost good for you. At least the greek yogurt part ;)

4. I can't stay on task when in World Market. We went in so James could grab some coffee for his coworkers. I got distracted within 0.5 seconds of walking in the door and ended up wandering around the picture frame section. And maybe I bought one. But I need to bring it back & exchange it for a bigger one so it doesn't really count (that's how that works, right?). Luckily I didn't see the giant clearance jewelry section until we were leaving. But I do need to go back to exchange that frame...


  1. I also went to bed at 5am Friday! So unnecessary and so embarrassing that I was literally down for the count the rest of the weekend....

    I've got to try that hot sauce recipe, I will plunge for anything spicy. I've been stuffing myself with hot sauce drenched popcorn all weekend ;)!

  2. Oh my gah. Can't remember the last time I stayed up that late! Getting old isn't very cool.

  3. Thanks for linking up! There is no World Market near me, but I may be grateful for this...from what all the bloggers say, it would likely get me (& my bank account!) in trouble!

  4. OoooOoooo I love me some Greek yogurt and that tip sounds easy and FAB. Will try!

    PS: My ass went to bed at 11:30 on Friday.

    Now who's the loser.

  5. I make college me sad every single Friday when I get into bed around 8:00. Seriously. And I don't even care! If I'm tired, I'm tired, dang it! :)