Friday, May 24, 2013

High Five for Friday!

This week has mostly just consisted of long days at work so it hasn't been the most exciting, but here are some of my top 5 moments. They aren't too exciting, but I guess there are weeks like that every now and then. Once again I'm linking up with Lauren this week.

1. Stopped by to take care of a friend's horses one morning. This is Taylor. He was hungry.

2. James & Winnie came out to "help" me. Clearly they were working very hard. Such good helpers.

3. Speaking of Winnie, she got her summer hair cut! We shave her every summer and it makes her look SO different. Her long hair just gets too hot, she's much more comfortable shaved. And I think it makes her look like a puppy all over again. Plus, she's much easier to keep clean! :)

4. We had a family dinner at my parents house while my nieces were in town. These are 2 of my mom's dogs. They are the definition of mutts. Pretty darn adorable mutts. The one in the front has legs that never stopped growing. The one in the back has legs that never grew.

5. Little dog rode in my new car for the first time. I put her in the way back. She's used to riding shotgun so she wasn't pleased with her demotion. Surprisingly she stayed back there the whole time.

So that was the highlights of my long week. One more work day left before the weekend! Hopefully its a 3-day weekend (or longer) for most of you! I'm farm sitting this weekend and working Memorial Day, but the weather should be beautiful so I'm definitely looking forward to that!

How was your week? 

Speaking of Memorial Day weekend, if you love to shop there's TONS of sales going on this weekend. I posted about some of my favorite stores in this post last night. I'll be busy all weekend and probably won't get to hit the stores so get out there & do some shopping damage for me ;)

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