Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I love Chocolate...

Have some leftover chocolate?

Over the weekend I made some delicious chocolate brownies with chocolate chips topped with a chocolate 'glaze' that turned into something resembling fudge overnight. Needless to say they were amazing and I'll share the recipe later this week. In the meantime I'll share something quick & easy that I did with my 'leftover' chocolate. 

I went a little crazy while picking out chocolate bars to use for the brownies. They are all so pretty and look so good! So, I picked up a few bars of the Lindt 70%. I also picked up a bakers semi-sweet bar. I had 4 squares left of a Lindt bar and decided I shouldn't let it go to waste. I also had some chopped pecans & almonds laying around so naturally, I decided to combine them.  And then this happened:

Delicious, fudgy, nutty clusters of goodness


-Chocolate (I used 4 squares of 70% Lindt chocolate and 0.5 oz Baker's semi-sweet)
-2 Tbs butter
-2/3 C powdered sugar
-several tsp hot water 
-Nuts (I used chopped pecans & almonds)
-1/4 tsp vanilla extract

Line cookie sheet with parchment paper and lay out small clusters of nuts. Melt chocolate and butter - I do this in the microwave for 30 seconds at a time. Takes 60-75 seconds usually. Stir chocolate mixture until smooth and then pour over powdered sugar. Add vanilla and hot water and beat all ingredients until smooth. Add more water if desired - mixture should be thick, but smooth enough to pour over nuts. Almost the consistency of brownie batter.  Use a spoon and pour a spoonful over each cluster of nuts. I made ~12, but in all honesty I scraped the rest of the bowl with some remaining nuts and ate it myself, so you could probably get a couple more out of this. Cover lightly and let set. I let mine set overnight.

Eat & enjoy! 

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