Monday, July 1, 2013

Tall Tails!!

You guys, I am SO excited for the new Tall Tails link up with Adriana and Katie. I mean seriously, like I needed even more of an excuse to ramble on about my dogs. 

I have two dogs. Winnie and Annabelle. Winnie's the good one and Annabelle... well she keeps life interesting I guess you could say. I already talked about Winnie when I proclaimed last Wednesday Winnie Wednesday. If you want to read about the most perfect dog ever, go check that out. She's kinda dumb, but super lovable and always tries to do her best to be a good girl. Today's post will be dedicated to Annabelle. A former pharmaceutical research dog who wiggled her way into our lives and has kept us on our toes ever since!

Yeah, that's right, she's wearing a princess dress.
Remember how I just described Winnie up there? Well Annabelle is the complete opposite. She's ridiculously smart, is generally just annoyed by everything, and does only what she wants when she wants. Everyone who sees pictures of her thinks she's just the cutest, sweetest thing they've ever seen.

Who, me?

I'll admit, she's certainly got cuteness on her side. But don't for a second confuse cute with innocent. Cute she is. Innocent she is not. If she's not snoring away on the couch or the bed then there's a 95% chance she's getting into trouble somewhere. The other 5% just means she's looking for something bad to do but hasn't found it yet.

It was already open, I just found it like this. I swear.

Main offense #1 - the fridge. Yes, she can and will open the refrigerator and help herself to a little snack. All 12 pounds of her will climb right on in there until she finds something to her liking. Major damage so far? 1 pack of hamburger buns. 48 ounces of chocolate in 24 hours. An entire loaf of banana bread including the bottom of the foil pan. So much dog food that she could barely breathe. Literally. Oh, and once she ran away and apparently ate out of a dumpster for ~8 hours. When we made her vomit she weighed 3 pounds less afterwards! 3 pounds! When you only weight 12 pounds that's impressive!**

This is what it's like to eat dinner with Annabelle around.

Food isn't her only vice. You need to watch your drinks, too. She's quite the boozehound. She loves cheering on the Tarheels with us, but I think it's mainly because she likes wearing her jersey and trying to steal our drinks. James says she's like a sorority girl - she'll flirt with you & kiss you, but she's really just hoping for a free drink.

Yeah, we put our dog in a 12 pack. Don't judge us, PETA.

We don't take Annabelle many places, she's not really a fan of most things. We did try taking her to the beach once. And only once. 

I'm sure you can tell by her face how much she loved it. She's more of a homebody really. It's better that way. For everyone.

She is also remarkably talented at injuring herself. This one particular incident we were all upstairs and heard that lovely beagle scream coming from downstairs. We ran down to find bloody little paw prints all over the floor and one of her toenails hanging halfway off. No clue how she did it. Good thing I can provide a little at home vet care.

I have to say though, despite all her faults, she is the world's BEST snuggler. I mean, this dog can curl up and nap with you like no other. And she's more than happy to snuggle up to you allll day long. Great when you're sick, bad when you need to be productive and get things done. 

Want to read about more cute dogs?!? If your answer is yes (which it should be!) then head on over to the Tall Tails link up and check out some other dog-centric posts!

**I work in veterinary medicine so no need to warn me about the dangers of dogs eating everything under the sun including chocolate. I already know all about it and Annabelle is treated appropriately each and every time.**


  1. 1. thanks for linking up! 2. Lil and Annabelle would be BFF. Lil eat everything, drinks everything, gets hurt always and is ALWAYS doing something to mess with us!!

    we always say if Lil wasn't so cute, she'd have been kicked out!

  2. She is adorable! I can't believe she can open the fridge!!! One of our dogs has managed to break through our metal pool fence (all 70 lbs of him) and he also knows how to open the lazy susan and help himself to cereal! Visiting from the Tall Tails Link Party!

  3. OMG I love her. She reminds me of my dog. Eating everything in sight and being a great snuggler are what she does best too. Stopping by from the link up!

  4. Hi Julie,

    Your pups are sooooooo cute. I love the picture of the one in the jersey!

    Thanks for stopping by the Friend Connect Blog Hop today! Hope to se more from you soon!

    Co-Host // Justynn
    Creative Life Antics

  5. winnie's the good one...hahaha
    and i love that little booze hound. so cute

  6. Hey girl! Found you and your pups via the link up. She is sooo adorable but sounds like a stinker! Ours is always getting into something or other too, but he hasn't yet figured out how to open the fridge (THANK GOD)

  7. omg!! she sounds like a fun dog!! "sorority girl" line has me laughing!!