Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"Is this Good For Me?"

You should know by now, nutrition is not my thing. Like, at all. I also don't really believe in 'meals' per se. I just want to eat whatever I'm in the mood for when I'm hungry. Cereal counts as a perfectly well balanced dinner to me. So does cake, for that matter. So last night I was on my own for dinner and was looking forward to it allll day. See, James is a meal person. Often times a meat & vegetable person. But I knew that in the fridge we had some delicious Red Lobster biscuits left over from when I somehow conned half my family into going there this weekend. And that's all I wanted for dinner. And it's all I ate for dinner. And it was heavenly. And started sentences with 'and' is totally not proper but I'm doing it. And I like it. 

Delicious, nutritious, well round meal. Yes?

Oh, and this little shark circles the table as I eat. Maybe if I acted like a grown up and ate at the kitchen table instead of the coffee table this wouldn't happen. Only problem with that? My kitchen table is really more of laundry limbo - where folded laundry goes to wait forever until I finally cave and put it away. So, coffee table dinners will continue. And I will continue guarding my food from the shark.

The shark.
Doesn't everyone have to eat with a spray bottle to help guard their food from the circling shark? No? Weird. 

Anyway, after that oh so nutritious dinner I decided to make a cake. I've gotten a ton of help recently from some coworkers at work and I'm pretty sure there's no better way to say 'thanks!' then food. Especially sweets. I've obviously been on a huge cinnamon kick and was seriously craving this Cinnamon Roll Cake. Several coworkers are gluten free so I decided to make a GF version. It was super easy, and while it didn't turn out tasting exactly the same as the original, it was pretty darn good. I was actually pleasantly surprised as I really had no idea what I was doing, I just decided to wing it.

Here's the adjustments I made. Original recipe here.

-Flour - I used 3 C King Arthur's AP GF Baking Mix
-Xanthan gum - I added 1.5 tsp xanthan gum
-Milk - I added a teeny bit of extra milk to help keep it moist
-Butter - I didn't add any extra butter, but next time I think I would - it doesn't have as much of that gooey, buttery cinnamon taste as the original. I would definitely add more to the topping & probably just make extra topping in general. 

All in all it turned out quite good - the texture is good, its not too crumbly at all and it definitely satisfies my cinnamon craving. While on his THIRD piece James asked "Is this good for me? I mean it's gluten free, right?" Answer: Sure, as long as you ignore the 2 C of butter & 2 C of sugar. He has some trouble understanding gluten free doesn't necessarily mean healthy - but hey, any excuse to eat more cake is fine by me :)

Gluten Free Cinnamon Roll Cake


  1. I've got only one rule to eat and it's JUST EAT! Haha I'm just good enough with deserts after dinner!

  2. That cinnamon roll looks delicious.
    I love your puppy circling you as you eat! Mine has started to jump up to try to get things... he never really used to beg, but he's getting good at it!

  3. Stopping by from Friend Connect Blog Hop.
    Cohost @JLenniDorner

    High five to my fellow "a coffee table is TABLE, hellooo" person. ;)