Monday, June 24, 2013

Making Plans is a Waste of Time

I'm not a big planner, but that means when I do make plans I tend to get really upset if anything threatens to change them. I've been working on this which is a good thing since this weekend was full of plans that never actually happened. 

Let's start from the beginning, shall we?

Friday Night:

Friday I was supposed to have gotten tickets to go see Zac Brown Band, but I never got around to that. Turns out that was a good thing as I didn't leave work until after 7pm. We ended up just heading to BurgerFi for a late dinner and finishing it off with one of their custard shakes. Coffee Mocha with Brownie mixed in. Um, delicious. Afterwards we came home and watched a movie... and by watched I mean I played on my phone for a bit and then passed out. Party. Animal. Don't judge me, it was a 50+ hour work week and I was exhausted. Almost as tired as Winnie was after lining up all her favorite toys. Rough life.


We had been looking forward to Saturday for a long time. James is obsessed with really likes planes and my dad is a pilot. For James' bday my family got him a flight lesson which him & my dad were supposed to do Saturday. So, they were going to be doing that, I was going to bake chocolate fudge brownies and we were all going to meet up at my parent's afterwards for a Father's Day cookout. None of the above happened. Although we did finally make it to Monuts Donuts for breakfast. It's a good thing we don't live closer or we'd be broke and obese. And dangerously close to a heart attack. We had bagel sandwiches AND bought a dozen donuts to take to my parents. Vanilla glazed, toasted amaretto, bourbon peach and apple cider. If you live anywhere near Raleigh/Durham I *highly* suggest you go. But go early, the line was almost out the door by the time we got there.

I had a Naked juice with breakfast... that makes it healthy. Right?!?

There were 10 clouds in the sky and occasional sprinkles so the flight school cancelled their lesson. My mom, sister and I had headed to the outlets with plans to meet up with them afterwards. Instead, they joined us. A girls' shopping trip just isn't the same with 2 guys moping following them around. Either way we had a good time and went out for a late lunch during which James accidentally walked into the kitchen in the restaurant instead of the bathroom. Twice. How does that even happen? 

We ended the day hanging out on our deck, enjoying some good drinks and listening to some old school 90's music. Are we the only ones who do that? If so, I'm totally okay with that. 


The worst part of the weekend? This.

My alarm for Sunday morning. Those extra 10 minutes were filled with magical sleep, I'm sure.
I had to go into work from 7-1 on Sunday. Getting up that early was painful. I drowned my sorrows after work with a classy lunch at CiCi's and a killer 2 hour nap. And yes, I said CiCi's. As in the $4.99 pizza buffet. Judge me if you want, but I could eat their breadsticks and cinnamon buns all day long. Oh, and naps. I definitely still nap. Every chance I get. You should too. 

The truly ugly part of this weekend?
It's now Monday... the beginning of my last week in my mid-twenties. As of Friday I will officially cross into my late twenties. Typing that sentence just made me nauseous. 


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  1. Found you through the link up. Sorry your plans didn't pan out, but still sounds like you had a good weekend!

    And girl don't worry about crossing the threshold into your late 20s. I turn 28 on Wednesday and that's making me spaz out!

    Happy early birthday!

  2. Ugh. 7am shifts suck. I work them all the time. But! That breakfast sandwich looks delicious!!