Thursday, June 27, 2013

Are you an 'adult'? I'm not...

I did a guest post recently for Kate over at Classy Living yesterday and thought I would share an excerpt of that here. It seemed appropriate since tomorrow is my day of doom birthday and all...

Age wise, I'm old enough to be married... with children. But let's not go down the age route. I'm turning 28 this year  tomorrow (!!?!) and having more than just a little anxiety about that!  Two of my best friends from college got married last year, another's wedding is coming up in September and I was a bridesmaid in my best friend from high school's wedding last May. I think marriage is great and I look forward to being married one day. But, I think of all the things in life, getting married makes you officially an adult

A D U L T. That word makes me cringe. For some reason I'm one of those people that's been fighting 'growing up' forever. On paper I'm plenty 'grown up'. I work a 9-5 8-6 M-F job, have a car payment, rent, a 401k, a savings account, 2 dogs and a long term committed relationship. But for some reason I still don't feel like an adult. This past fall I paid off my last car and officially bought & financed a brand new car all by myself... with my mom by my side. Even the car salesman made fun of me. The two of them decided that buying a car by yourself made you an adult. See?

Those aren't my adult papers. I refuse. So, my question is: When did you feel like an adult? Or do you? My mom says she still doesn't feel qualified to be an adult, doesn't even feel much different now than she did as a teenager. Is that true? Do you always feel the same? 

This pretty much sums up where I am in life:

*excuse the language!*

What about you? Do you have it all together? I remember thinking about people who were 28 when I was younger and they seemed so old. So very adult. Me? Not so much. I like cookies, naps and playing with my dogs. Very similar to my interests as a 5 year old. Maybe one day I'll finally feel like an adult... or maybe I'll just come to terms with the fact that I *am* an adult whether I feel like it or not!


  1. I found your blog through your guest post at Classy Living and am now following! I left a comment over there about this post!

  2. I go through phases. Sometimes I'll cook a meal and then clean the kitchen and think "wow, I'm such an adult" and other times I'll veg out on the couch and read a magazine and think "man, I've got to grow up" haha

  3. Being an adult or grown up don't explain itself. Maybe it's a feeling inside, just as how much time will you take to accept your duties and become an adult in your own mind.

  4. I'm 28 and don't really feel like an adult and I'm married + with a kiddo. I feel like I'm playing house some days! haha Thanks for linking up to the Weekend Block Party!

  5. I dunno when it happened, but yes, I feel like an adult. I'm just so darn busy! I think my husband and our business and dog adds to it all. I will say that just tonight Dan and I had an hour long conversation about babies...when to start having them...what we want for them...etc. That certainly makes me feel like an adult. Then we talked about our budget. That didn't really help. So yes, to answer your question, I do feel like an adult. But I have no idea when that happened. It just snuck up on me, I guess.