Thursday, June 6, 2013

One Month!

Today my blog turned one month old! Yay! I made it through the first month... that's gotta be the hardest part, right?!?  

Via google images

I've learned so much in this first month - here's a quick recap:

-I had to change my comments setting because I originally had my blog set to allow comments from Google+. Thanks to one blogger I learned that only my Google+ followers could comment on my blog.

-Brooke pointed out to me that I was a no-reply blogger. This post that I actually just stumbled upon today showed me how to fix that.

-In Brooke's comment she offered to help me fix that and I replied to her comment on my page. I also learned today that unless she checked back she didn't see that reply. Apparently you have to reply to the email you get about someone's comment rather than on your page or else they won't see it unless they keep checking back. 

And here are some goals I have for this blog:

-I just added Bloglovin - I should probably learn how to use it.

-Same with Google+. I've looked around on there before but don't really feel comfortable on there yet.

-Make a Facebook page for my blog. I've been debating about this, but its a quick & easy way to share posts with friends who don't have a blog, but also make it so all my fb friends don't have to read about blog posts. Plus pretty much any post I read with tips on blogging suggests having a Facebook page!

-Get better pictures. Most of the pictures I've used on here so far were taken long before I started this blog so they weren't taken with the intention of posting on here.

So, there ya have it. Just a few things I've learned and a few goals I have. Thank you to all who have given my tips and suggestions - keep em coming! I've really been enjoying this so far and love having a place to share & connect with others. I look forward to continuing to learn - maybe one day I'll figure this whole thing out ;)

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