Thursday, June 6, 2013

'My' Cakes

As far back as I can remember I've always had my two favorite cakes. I'm not sure when or why they became my favorites, but they are. It's not that I've never had a better tasting cake, it's just that at the end of the day I would choose one of these cakes over anything else. 

The 6 layer chocolate cake. This is not actually a chocolate cake. It's a white cake with chocolate icing topped with chopped pecans. The cake part of it is a little bit dry, the icing is a little bit fudgy, and chopped pecans make everything perfect. We always have this cake when we go down to Florida where my mom's family is. My grandmother used to make it for us and after she got sick, Bert took over making it for us - and still makes it anytime we're there. Bert took care of both my great grandparents and after they passed away she took care of my grandparents. When my mom used to fly down to visit my grandmother Bert often sent her back with cake in her suitcase. It travels very well! 

I've always said that when I get married I don't care what the wedding cake is, I want one of these just for me. Everyone else can eat funfetti cake, I don't care, I just want this. My love for this cake is partially its taste, but largely sentimental I think. It just reminds me of Florida and my grandparents. We used to eat it for breakfast, lunch & dinner. I especially remember at night taking a giant piece back to the den and watching TV until I could barely stay awake (usually somewhere around 9pm for me!). My mom and I were also infamous for just 'evening out' the edges - constantly cutting tiny slivers to make the edges 'even' rather than actually cutting full slices. That way there are no calories, obviously. It also goes amazingly well with a cold diet coke in a can. I love diet coke in all forms, but its best from a freshly opened can. And when accompanied by a hearty slice of this cake. Maybe the 'diet' in the coke cancels out some of the calories in the cake. Maybe.

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German Chocolate Cake. My other all time favorite. I love this in all forms - cake, brownies, cupcakes. I don't care, I just love it. I especially love the coconut/goo part. I hate when people put chocolate icing on it - just add more goo! When I was younger I used to have ice cream cakes on my birthday every year, but now I always have this. My mom usually makes it for me and I look forward to it all year. For some reason I don't really ever have it throughout the year. Although, I did just see that Red Robin has some sort of German Chocolate brownie dessert that I might have to try.

I've never baked either of these. I honestly don't know if I have a desire to either. These are cakes that I like to be made for me. How bratty does that sentence sound? But it's true. I feel like they would lose some of their appeal if I made them. I'm planning a post about some of the desserts I plan on making to enjoy during my birthday month and I debated adding these on there but quickly decided that I'm happier leaving these to other people. I will probably make them one day, but for now I'll just stay bratty and leave the baking to other people & the eating to me :)

Do you have any food like this in your life? Are you as bratty about it as me? Maybe I'm the only one... and I'm okay with that ;)

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