Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Winnie Wednesday?

I'm declaring today 'Winnie Wednesday'. If you read my blog then by now you know I have 2 dogs. Winnie and Annabelle. Winnie is my clear favorite. She does something every day that just makes me laugh. Plus, she's pretty much just the easiest, happiest dog ever. Annabelle is always either sleeping somewhere or trying to steal food. She does something every day that makes me cringe or makes me mad. They are polar opposites. 

So, I'm making it Winnie Wednesday. This will probably last all of... one week. So, today. But oh well, just go with it ;)

Winnie the WonderDog

To start off I suppose I should formally introduce Winnie. Or, Winnie the WonderDog as we like to call her. She's a 3 (almost 4!) year old Flat Coated Retriever (probably mixed with border collie?). I got her from the shelter for my birthday when she was 11 months old. She was an owner surrender along with her littermate. She had been at the shelter for a month with signs all over her run that said things like "Very nervous, don't touch" etc. etc. She hadn't even been evaluated yet for temperament or anything - hadn't even been taken outside. When I walked past her run she was laying at the very front just watching us and thumping her tail. I crouched down and held my hand out - she reached out her paw, grabbed my hand and pulled it towards it and licked me. I seriously almost cried. And then I knew I had to have her. 

At the time, we had Annabelle - to say she doesn't like other dogs is an understatement. She just doesn't really like anything. Period. So of course, James said "Well, if Annabelle likes her then we can get her" thinking there's no way that would ever happen. After a few weeks of trying to convince the shelter to let us visit with her they finally agreed to let us take her on a walk with a volunteer. She was PERFECT. We brought Annabelle to meet her? Again, perfect. They sniffed, then ignored each other and went about their business. We brought her home? She walked in like she'd always lived there. Attempted to hop on the bed with Annabelle and was promptly chased across the house by the screaming demon. She hasn't gotten on the bed since!

Anyway, this is getting long winded. But basically, Winnie's perfect and you will probably hear more about her in the future. Sorry for all the non dog lovers out there. I'm obnoxiously obsessed with mine.

If you made it this far listening to me ramble about Winnie, you're a champ! If you skipped to the end, I forgive you. Either way, head on over to visit Kate at Classy Living - I'm guest posting there today!

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    LOL. I hope to get a dog one day after we move to our new house. This apartment wouldn't be fair to a dog. It's barely fair to people. LOL.