Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday... again?

This weekend was a nice mix of doing & relaxing. I feel like my weekends are usually one or the other - running around like crazy, or eating & napping all day every day. And that second one is not an exaggeration. We literally have our "lazy days" where all we do is eat and nap... and I don't hate 'em. 


This pony's name is Fudge. Hot Fudge. Ridiculously cute.
More farm sitting this weekend. This time for some horses at my friend's house, and then some at her parent's house. Thinking about turning this whole farm sitting thing into a more serious part time deal. It's a fun, easy way to make some extra $$ and get outside. Plus, Winnie loves the farm life and sleeps for days when we get back. Win/win.


Saw The Lumineers at Koka Booth. This was actually Thursday night, but if you round up that's basically part of the weekend. Great show, great music, perfect night. That is also quite possibly the least flattering picture ever, but for some reason I love it. I had a big problem with closing my eyes in every pic so someone told me not to look directly at the flash. I took that to mean look in the complete opposite direction. Ah, well.

Face Time

Cutest nephew ever. 
My nephew moved to Portland in January which was pretty much the saddest thing ever, but FaceTime makes it so much better! There's little/no conversation that ever occurs, I pretty much just laugh at all his ridiculous antics and take screen shot of his insanely adorable smiles. This time I got to hear him say my name for the first time and then he blew me kisses. My heart completely melted. I was never really a baby person before, but this kid has me completely in love. I mean, it's a bit ridiculous. I talk about my dogs a lot, but I could probably talk about my nephew forever. And show a million ridiculous pictures. So excited for our big trip out west this fall and quality time with this nugget for his 2nd birthday!

Not Pictured:

-Silver Linings Playbook - finally saw it. Fell in love with Bradley Cooper... again.
-A couple epic naps
-Lunch at Cafe Caturra that included one of the best BLT's I've ever had. And I've had a lot!
-We tried these cookies from Pillsbury - meh. James liked them. I thought they tasted a little like golden grahams for some reason. I don't know, something in the flavor I didn't like. However, most refrigerated cookies make my stomach hurt like crazy (which makes me sad because I could eat them by the dozen) and these didn't. So, there's that. 

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PS - Recipe coming tomorrow filled with cinnamon, sugar & butter. What could be better?!? ;)

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  1. I also just watched the Silver Linings playbook - finally - love it, amazing film. Would looove to farm sit, love being outdoors and horse-riding.

    Just stopping by from Funday Monday

    Laura x