Thursday, July 25, 2013

First World Problems

File this one under first world problems. Big time.

James has been working late this week so I've been on my own for dinner. Monday was chinese, Tuesday was Panera. Wednesday I looked through my fridge, freezer & pantry before declaring "there's no food in this house!" That is 100% false. We have plenty of food.

In our fridge we have eggs, bread, milk, jelly and 1 million condiments. Oh, and the crisper drawer that's filled with beer (isn't that what it's for?). In the freezer we have a stack of assorted Amy's meals. In the pantry there's both regular & GF flour + all baking needs, tuna, peanut butter, chex mix, triscuits, pasta and sauce. 

So now I feel extremely lazy and guilty. Lazy because there are approximately 100 things I actually could have made for dinner - including my beloved Kaiserschmarrn which I realized just now. That may have to be tomorrow night's meal. I feel guilty because this is 100% a first world problem. There are millions of people who actually have NO food in their house. Or no house. 

Obviously I started thinking about all the other first world problems I suffer from. That list grew quite long, lemme tell ya. Once I consulted Dr. Google it turned out I must not be the only one suffering. I mean, if other people took the time to make these images then these must be some pretty serious problems. 

This happens to me on an almost daily basis. James can somehow cover the entire bathroom floor with water after his shower. FYI - our shower is actually separated from the rest of our bathroom by a door so I feel like he must actually put effort into soaking the entire floor. I cannot stand wet socks. Gross.  And yes, I pitch a fit every time it happens. Total FWP.

That moment when you realize you did this? So terrible. Or I realize that I left it on the bathroom counter and then have to debate if I want to jump out and get it or not. It's hard to endure those 2 seconds of being cold! Plus, then I'd soak the entire floor and we all know how I feel about that. Yep, FWP for sure.

This is sometimes a big dilemma in our house. We try not to keep junk food around, but once we buy a bag of chips & some dip it's like you get stuck in a vicious cycle of buying more chips/dip to go with what you have left. Or you are just wasteful and get rid of what's left. Or, heaven forbid, you eat the rest of your chips without dip. That's a terrifying thought.

Don't forget the cell phone, too. Every. Day. 

I mean, this needs to explanation. It's pretty much the worst. 

This totally happened to me with my bagel this morning. I may or may not have complained about it.

It's possible that when I was younger I may have called for my dad to come up to my room for the sole purpose of asking him to turn my light off once he got there. 

I mean, who hasn't suffered from this one? Or you tilt the can so they come out easier and then they're all jumbled up inside. It's terrible, just terrible.

My dogs suffer from some FWPs, too. 

This is totally Winnie. First thing she does when she comes in from outside (where she has a giant bowl filled with water)?!? Check the toilet. Classy lady, she is.

This is all day, every day for poor Winnie. I guess she thinks we hate her.


  1. The cold butter on bread one is THE WORST! I will pop a chunk of butter in the microwave for 3 seconds so my dang bread doesn't rip. FWP

  2. Love this post - so original and clever!

  3. Hahaha! Oh my. I'm glad it's just shower water! I had three boys (and the fourth was my husband) and when I would use the bathroom at night wearing socks, I can guarantee you the water on the floor around the toilet wasn't shower water! :( Eeewwwww.

  4. Loved this post! Sadly I can relate to most of all these first world problems lol