Friday, July 19, 2013

H54F 7/19

High Five! It's Friday! It's been another long week and I'm so glad the weekend is finally here. Somehow I feel like July is flying by, but the weeks themselves are dragging. Funny how that works...

Anyway, onto the high five for this week!

1. I finally made a Recipes page. If you're looking for a super easy dessert that's terrible for you, go check it out. The banana pudding & vanilla pudding cake are by far the most popular. There are several gluten free options and even a vegan one on there though! 

2. I actually made vegetables for dinner. And loved it - for some strange reason I was craving zucchini all week.  I tossed some zucchini & squash in olive oil, salt, pepper & garlic powder and threw it in the oven. So easy and so good!

3. I finally got around to watching the premier of G & B. I cannot tell you how excited I am that this show is back on. I can't lie, I love trashy tv.

4. I did a bad, bad thing and went to the grocery store hungry. I only went in for paper towels, but somehow these ended up coming home with me. I don't regret it. Along with bad tv, I also clearly have a love for bad food. 

5. Tomorrow is hair cut day. Is there anything better than hair cut day? I don't think so.

Hope everyone had a good week and has an even better weekend! As always, linking up with Lauren.


  1. Haircut days are the best! Nothing better than a fresh trim and I wish they could wash and style my hair everyday!

  2. Hello!! I'm visiting from H54F!! I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow also - I mean chopping! Kinda nervous / excited :)

    Justine @

  3. tomorrow is hair cut day for me too, can't wait for it either!

    I also make the mistake of going to the grocery store hungry--often. it gets the best of me. As for bad food? It's always so good its bad!!

    Nicole @

  4. Ah, donuts! I want one now too! Love them-love G&B too lol it's worth it watching that show :)

    Found you from H54F!

    -Angie Mae