Friday, July 12, 2013

H54F 7/12

It's Friday again. Sweet, Sweet Friday :)

1. This was the text convo between me and James the other night. It pretty much sums up our life. He runs, I sleep. Perfect combo. 

2. Had a smoothing treatment done on my hair. This NC humidity is not a good match for my crazy curls. So far it's been a life saver. If you have frizzy and/or curly hair I definitely recommend it, read more about it here. You won't regret it, promise.

3. Made another batch of my banana pudding. Still my least favorite thing to make by far since I actually hate banana pudding, but if you like it then I highly suggest you make it since people seem to love it. Updated the recipe with some tips on how to make the custard a bit thicker. 

4. Is there a better snack than 'nilla wafers & crunchy peanut butter? I don't think so. I used to eat this all the time and then forgot about it for years. Glad I rediscovered it. Plus, since these are mini wafers that means I can eat like 10 of them and pretend it's the same as just 1 or 2 big ones... right?

5. As soon as I read this recipe from Still Being Molly I knew I had to make it. We had it for dinner last night and it was fantastic. And ridiculously easy. Especially since I cheated big time and just used a rotisserie chicken. But hey, since I make dinner like once a month I still consider it a big success :) This is the beginning of my newfound effort to contribute to making dinner a bit more often. It may not last long, but as least now I know there's one thing I can make!

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  1. Ha! Napping > running. Always! Also, PB & Nutella is heavenly. I bet your wafers would thank you! :)

    Happy Friday!

  2. I love banana pudding so I will definitely be trying this! I may have to take some extra 'Nilla wafers and try them with PB too!

    Stopped by from H54F!

    -Angie Mae

  3. Hey, I'm a new follower from the FF blog hop. While looking at the banana pudding recipe, I also saw the vanilla pudding cake! Now I want to make them all!

    I'd love it if you can follow me back :)


  4. Anything with bananas, Nilla wafers, or crunchy peanut butter is delicious in my book. Looks like you had a good Friday :) Oh, and I'm a fellow narcoleptic. Happy Sunday!

    Diary of a Debutante