Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dog Toys are a Waste of Money

OK, I'm sure it's completely obvious by now but I'm obsessed with I love my dogs. Well, most of the time at least. I also have a very bad toy buying habit. Mostly for Winnie because Annabelle has no interest in toys. She can't possibly be bothered with such things... unless it's time to steal them from Winnie. Then it's her favorite past time ever. I think there are currently 3 or 4 of Winnie's bones stashed away where Annabelle has hid them in our bedroom. Brat. 

Anyway, I'm getting sidetracked. Basically, I spend too much money on dog toys for the Winifred. This would be all fine and dandy except that her favorite thing in life is paper towels. No joke. You could put a steak on the table & a paper towel next to it & she'd steal the paper towel. 

I recently spent $60 replenishing her toy supply. That red thing right there? One of her new toys. That white thing she's eating? A paper towel. Way to show your appreciation, Winnie. 

And this is what happens when you take Winnie to brunch. She steals your napkins and eats them like she's never been fed before. Classy. Real classy. This garnered a lot of strange looks from fellow brunch lovers. I'm sure they were wondering why our poor, starving dog is having to resort to paper napkins. She loves them though - and usually if they have food on them, she'll rip that part off and leave it. How dare you taint her paper products with food. So gross. Give her plain paper and she's happy as a clam. 

Basically she's the weirdest/dumbest dog ever and instead of wasting money on toys I should probably just give her a life time supply of paper products. And tennis balls. Although honestly she'd have a tough time deciding between the two if she had to. 

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  1. yes. i spent $20 on one... ONE deer antler and scoobs ignores it and chews toilet paper rolls. cool.

  2. omg I dont buy toys at all just bones. the more i spend on a toy the faster my dog destroys it!

  3. Your pet is such a cutie! :) Btw, I came across your site through GFC blog hope.

  4. Hahaha no kidding! We buy the cheapest toys possible for our pup because all she wants to do is destroy them anyway!


  5. NICE! I would say she's a cheap date, but I'm sure she can tear through those paper towels pretty fast!

  6. hahaha i'm a victim spending too much on doggy toys, too! they are just so cute when they're chewing their toys and not my stuff.. it's hard to resist! tennis balls would totally work, though! found you through tall tails and love your puppy!

  7. i agree! we have a cat and the only bought toys he has are from my parents! otherwise, i made some from felt and string or we have boxes! he's just as happy!

  8. Haha, dog toys are such a money-sucker! I just picked up a few new ones today and felt guilty doing so just knowing that Morgan will destroy each and every one in a matter of months (or days)!

    I found these amazing ones recently that are unstuffed yet still super cute and thus soooo much more sensible for my little one!