Friday, July 5, 2013

It's Friday?

Wow, this Friday totally snuck up on me. Having a holiday during the week really threw me off. I enjoyed it, but all day today I kept thinking it was Monday. What a nice surprise to have it actually be Friday! I'm way late to the game today, it's currently 6:30pm and I'm just now sitting down to catch up on blogs and write this post.

1. July 4th!! My absolute favorite thing about this week was the 4th. Obviously having the day off work was awesome, but it was also nice to have a cookout over at my parent's. Hadn't done that in a while. Also got some belated birthday gifts which is always nice :)

2. I made this bread pudding with croissants and dark chocolate. I'll post more about that soon, but it was pretty delicious. I'm not a huge dark chocolate fan so next time I'd love to try it with nutella or semi sweet chocolate since all I had on hand was super dark chocolate. 

3. We FINALLY got some sunny weather. All we've had is rain, rain and more rain. It's been awful. So glad to see the sun. I wore shorts for the first time yesterday... definitely need to spend more time in the sun before I do that again!

4. This is the story of my life. Definitely got up on Thursday and then proceeded to take a nap until noon. 

5. Winifred got a new bed. She was super confused at first seeing as how she's not the brightest dog in the world, but she figured it out pretty quick. You didn't think I'd do a whole H54F post without a dog picture, did you?!?

Hope everyone had a good week and has an even better weekend!

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  1. That bread looks delicious!! Have a great weekend girlie!


  2. This bread looks delish , I am craving some.
    Got your from Lauren's blog , I'm sticking around ;)
    Noor @ Noor's Place