Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I'll be honest, I was lazy and didn't really have a post ready to go for today. But, sticking with the lazy theme I decided to share how I'm not actually the laziest one in the house. That award definitely goes to the dogs... literally.

By now you probably know I have two dogs: Winnie and Annabelle. You probably also know that Winnie is my favorite the good one and Annabelle is evil naughty. For the most part they are polar opposites but there's one thing they have in common - sleep. 

These dogs can sleep allll day. And I do mean all day. It's not just like a casual snooze, it's more like 'OMG I'm soooo exhausted'. Cause, ya know, doing nothing all day must be pretty exhausting. The only thing worse than how much they sleep is just how many pictures I have of them sleeping. I mean, it's ridiculous. And who really needs to see that? No one, that's who. Lucky for you though, you get to see them! I know, you're crazy excited. 

Here's some of the best most ridiculous sleeping pictures I have shamelessly compiled. I apologize in advance. 

Sunbathing. By far their favorite activity to do together. Quite possibly the ONLY activity they do together. If she sees you watching, Annabelle will promptly move and deny it ever happened. I had to take this pic through the sliding glass door.

Winnie with my parent's dogs. This just makes me laugh because they're all laying in the same position. Running around like fools must be really exhausting.

This picture demonstrates the unfair rules in our house. Annabelle is allowed on furniture. Winnie is not. Really the only reason annabelle is allowed is because no one can tell her what to do. Main reason Winnie's not allowed? Because the first day we brought her home she hopped on the bed with Annabelle and was promptly chased across the house by a screaming devil. I mean, Annabelle. 

Have cold feet? Annabelle will gladly warm them up. All while she's mostly unconscious.

This is just ridiculous. And yes, she's wearing a hoodie.

When Winnie's really tired she sleeps with her head on the floor. Seems so uncomfortable.

There's nothing special about this picture, I just think it's adorable :)

Spoiled. That is all. And yes, she crawls under the covers herself.

I mean, why not pass out in your princess dress? It's gotta be tiring ruling the whole house and all...

The obligatory upside down sleeping picture. She's the only upside down sleeper I've ever had.

And just for good measure another head off the bed pic. Just to prove that one time wasn't a fluke. It really is how she prefers to sleep.

So there ya have it. More pictures of sleeping dogs than you ever wanted, or needed, to see. You're welcome.

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