Monday, July 8, 2013

Let's Talk Hair

OK, I should start out this post by saying I am NOT a beauty blogger by any means. In fact, the only make up I own is moisturizer (does that even count?) 1 eyeshadow (+ 1 free one I got as a gift from Ulta) 1 blush, bronzer (that I don't actually use since I don't really know how!) and mascara. Out of those the only thing I use on a daily basis is moisturizer... and I just started using that in the last few months.

This weekend was all about hair. I have enough hair on my head for 3 adults. And they would probably have too much hair. Not only that, but each individual hair is curly & frizzy. It's great, really. Especially in this lovely NC humidity. 

Here's what my hair normally looks like if I just get out of the shower & let it dry. 

Dry, frizzy & curly. Not fun. Luckily I don't have to worry about this anymore! This weekend I got a Pravana Perfection SmoothOut treatment done. 

Right after leaving the salon. Excuse the terrible photo quality!

Second day - curls!

The first picture is right after the treatment - my hair was so silky and smooth. The second day I took a shower and just let it air dry to see what it would do on its own. I was happy to see I still had plenty of curl but my hair was soft, shiny and smooth. You can't really tell in the picture, but the biggest difference is the texture. I can't stop touching it - and I've never been able to touch my curls! Anyone with super curly hair knows what happens once you start touching curls - hello, afro! The curls definitely aren't as tight as they were before, but they aren't limp and flat either. All I did was hop out of the shower and let it dry as we went to lunch and ran errands. Normally I'd have to put leave in conditioner, curl cream, argan oil and gel on humid days. I'm excited to enjoy the rest of the summer with calmer, happier curls :) Plus, now I can straighten it when I want to without worrying that it'll just turn into a frizz ball 10 seconds after walking out the door. 

Aside from staring at and running my fingers through my hair this weekend, I also had the most ridiculously good ice cream ever. Cinnamon Crumb Cake. And yes, it's just as delicious as it sounds. If there's a Kilwins near you I highly suggest you go there. Now.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Linking up with Sami and Molly.

**Update - I thought I'd update to include a bit of info about the actual treatment itself.
The whole procedure took about 3 hours to do on my hair - wash, condition, rinse, apply product, let sit, blow dry & flat iron, wash/condition/rinse again, blow dry. From what I've read into online it looks like price varies depending on your area but is generally $100-300. I was lucky and got mine at a discount since my stylist was running a promotion, but if it really lasts as long as it's supposed to (8-12 weeks) then I'd say the original price is probably worth it. At least for these crazy humid summer months. My favorite part is that it doesn't contain all the harsh chemicals that some other straightening treatments do. It's basically a nano-amino acid complex that softens your hair and relaxes the curl. No harsh chemicals or hazardous fumes! Plus, you can wash your hair that same day unlike other treatments where you have to wait 1-3 days with gross stuff in your hair before you can wash it. 


  1. Your hair looks beautiful! As a straight haired girl, I'm so jealous of your curls! The grass is always greener I suppose :)

    1. Haha, you're right about that - I've always wanted straight hair. For the most part I've come to appreciate (& occasionally like) my curls but I still have major straight hair envy.

  2. Love your curls! I have stick straight hair that can't hold a curl for anything, so I am always envious of pretty curls!